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This journal is inactive. Look at lollymclolly for my updates.

I'm a freshman at St. Mary's University. I'm majoring in English and I'll eventually minor in Art (sadly, they don't offer it as a major -- otherwise I'd double). My boyfriend is a sophomore at Trinity University (same city, luckily) where he majors in Engineering Sciences (specifically, electrical and mechanical engineering). I'm going to be all active in school stuff, eventually. Right now, it exhausts me, although I have somehow managed to find the time to write for the school paper, work on their webpage, and volunteer to help out with the literary magazine...no wonder I never have time for sleep!

I, along with sillyvash, run the community creativebrain,
a site to showcase the details of the design, construction
process and display involved in creating our costumes.
We're brand-new, so do take a peek.